Mother’s Day Range

I created a range of floral cards and gift wrap for Mother’s Day.


‘I Don’t Belong Here’ – Children’s Picture Book

My main project for the final semester of my degree has been writing and illustrating a children’s picture book entitled ‘I Don’t Belong Here’. I chose to create a book about an unhappy tiger who escapes from a circus and then embarks upon a journey to find where he belongs. I wanted the book to be entertaining for children whilst also teaching them that wild animals belong in the wild. I wrote the story so that it rhymes and sounds appealing when read aloud. I created the illustrations using a mix of watercolour paint, pencils, collage with mono prints, and photoshop. I have had this project made into a book.


For this third year project we had to create a series of editorial illustrations. We had to chose headlines that were in the news at the time. The headlines I chose were about mutant rats, rising fuel prices, and Princess Anne’s statement that we should eat horse meat as it would result in horses receiving better treatment.

Tian Tian and the Moon

Also for my second year summer projects I decided to create and illustrate a narrative. I chose to create a story about the panda Tian Tian at Edinburgh zoo. Tian Tian was under 24 hour surveillance due to her possible pregnancy. I created a story based on this, and imagined that Tian Tian tired of constantly being watched, longs to escape her enclosure and therefore  climbs to the moon.